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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Austin, TX: Silver Spoon Bakery

There are times I aim to temper my desires and then there are times I decide to indulge.  :D  This was one of those days!  I had taken my niece and daughter shopping (took a few shots of them but that'll come later).  We had been everywhere!  Our legs were screaming and about to abort our mission, soon to die and with a goal to take us with them.  On the way back to the car, what do we happen upon?  Heaven!  The Silver Spoon BakeryDarn, we just HAD to take a load off  ;)

It's quite the quaint little place.  Sandwiched between specialty clothing and shoe shops, book stores and gadgets, bling and fun, it sat beckoning to us.  Amazing how the minute we stepped into the building, the aroma was as a healing balm to our weary bodies and souls.  Ahhhhhh....

Their specialty is gourmet cupcakes, but they also have a myriad of other yummies, drinks, and even fun gift items.  The girls and I decided to pamper ourselves with a special treat and coffee before we left.  After one sniff, I knew immediately that I HAD to take a baker's dozen home to photograph and blog about.  Blast those business expenses anyway!  Hated to do it, but it was a must... have to build the business don'tcha know ;)

A plethora of delectable treats and drinks to appease even the pickiest of connoisseurs.


Tough to choose :(

Fun little items, tummy and eye candy :D

Well, figured why try just one?!?!

While they were all fabulous, the VIVA CHURRO had to be my ultimate favorite!  The cinnamon was in perfect balance with the vanilla cake and buttercream, and eating fun sparkles... OH YEA!  :)

Another INCREDIBLY close favorite.... the kids especially enjoyed the orange under tones in this chocolate based cupcake.

Simple chocolate cake with a hint of peanut butter, one of my preferred combinations!  You can NEVER go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate!

Very light in flavor, creamy.  It absolutely melted in our mouths.

With a graham cracker base, this mallow topped one was a true delight!

Yep!  BACON!  This BLEW our minds!  It was the most amazing thing we had tasted :)  The bacon added just the right savory touch to a maple hinted cupcake.  Like breakfast for dessert, or maybe the other way around, lol!

Ok, so maybe I lied, THIS delectable goody was beyond expectation!  The cayenne tainted cupcake made your mouth awaken with a burst of tingle and an explosion of flavor!

Ok, so I know what you're thinking.... BEER?!?!?! :)  The kids didn't particularly appreciate this one but I actually enjoyed it.  The stout gave this cupcake an almost yeast bread flavor.  Who doesn't love a good homemade yeast bread covered in chocolate?!

Words?  Caramel, butterscotch, chocolate, filled, drizzle, SCRUMPTIOUS!

All in all, it was so much fun to have a gourmet cupcake tasting party with my kiddos :)  It was a fascinating, amusing, ambrosial, magnificent experience!  I highly recommend you find your way to the Arbor Walk in Austin, TX and sample a few... who am I kidding?  You gotta try them all!

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  1. I've tried this place and you're right they are awesome! Their cupcakes are heavenly! Next time you go you have to try their cookies, so yummy!!!

  2. I will have to do that :D Thanks for the heads up, my waist line especially thanks you, lol!

  3. Your pictures are excellent and your commentary is right on point, this place is great. Just one tiny correction. It is located at the Arbor Walk not the Arboretum.

  4. Thank you sooo much for catching that :O My bad! Totally fixed now, glad you caught it :)